ETHREEM Technique

Ecological Three-Dimensional Molding system “ETHREEM”, that restore the natural “axis” of the body. Her seat cushions are stress-free, as well as keeping the proper posture.

ETHREEM Technique

We handcraft our seat to exactly match our customer needs. The seats are designed to find the best possible position for breathing. The angles of the seating surface and back rest are calculated to ensure perfect abdominal muscle function. Our pelvis must support a heavy body but maintain the lightest feeling possible, so our seating surface is designed to achieve this. The range of motion of the hip joints is measured before deciding how to best place the thighs. Following the stabilization of the shoulder blades and collarbone is calculated to an ideal functionality of the upper arm.
According to the results of this detailed analysis, chairs and seats from Pinto Seating Design reduce stress from gravity and allows our bodies to move freely and effectively.

ETHREEM Technique

Ecological Three-Dimensional Molding system“ETHREEM”

Our measurement is done while adjusting the center of gravity, the alignment of bones, the skeletal and muscle alignment.
In order to have the efficient muscle and joint movement, we design the neutral posture under the force of gravity; we take the weight, muscle tension and movement into consideration. This allows us to have the joyous ecological relationship with the supporting surface.
Our technique provides the enriched seating environment

The good posture habit comes from the proper
alignment of the bones and muscles.

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  • Thighs
  • Buttock
  • Pelvis
  • Rib
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  • Thighs support

    Releasing any unwanted tensions from thighs and giving the proper thighs alignment to facilitate hip joint movements.

  • Buttock support

    Preventing any leaning on the sides and assuring the proper alignment. The ischial bone is the crucial point to maintain our balance.

  • Pelvis support

    Preventing any bad posture of the pelvis thanks to a bent forward and tacked back support.

  • Rib support

    Supporting the ribs breathing movements and preventing the body from compression on its sides.

The Features

We consider posture in a collection of constant motions, not something needs to be fixed. Let’s look at our motion while eating. We look at food. Reach out. Hold our plate or bowl. Have our chopsticks or other utensils. And we eat. We have to effectively keep our posture to do so throughout that eating process. It is not that important to be able to keep a good posture during that eating process. But rather, we must start from a good posture to do each action, and then go back to the good posture we started with. Our ETHREEM technique design informs our body of 4 important facts. The first is the neutral starting position from which we initiate movement or at which we rest. The Second is our cushion informs our body how to move easily and effectively. Thirdly, the cushion enables us to return easily to the neutral rest position. Fourthly after returning to the neutral position we can find our optimal rest position where we can relax effectively. These facts from a series of functional movements with restructuring mobility.
The design by HISAKO NOMURA support our daily life motions. The backrest includes rib support which enables stable breathing while performing movements. The occupational therapist’s job is to connect the human body and quality of life. These seating design are the fruit of her knowledge accumulated through her occupational therapy experience.

Our muscles become tense as a result

If we constantly needed to remind ourselves to maintain good posture, it wouldn’t be possible; We create tension in different muscles if we try to fix the posture. Also, our pelvis leans backwards when we slouch because small and curved bones under the pelvis lose balance. Also, we perform most of our daily activities directly in front of our torso. Our head is also on our front, so it causes lots of tension on our neck and shoulders. Our muscles become tense as a result.

 With“p!nto”, you can be as good as new just by sitting

ETHREEM technique adjusts the angle of the pelvis and aligns the skeletal structure. The hipbones move more dynamically. The thighs, ribcage and the centre of gravity are all well taken care of. Now you can engage in daily activities with less pressure and free from pain. With“p!nto”, you can be as good as new just by sitting.